Brookings Math CIrcle

Thanks for a great summer of 2018! See you next year!


Math goes beyond what you have been taught in school. Are you ready to learn more?

In its third year running, the Brookings Math Circle offers two sessions: One in early summer for logic and problem solving, and one in late summer/early fall for preparation for the competitive math season.

Brookings Math Circle (formerly Brookings Math Club) is based in Brookings, South Dakota.

Brookings Math Circle is free and always will be.

Please look through our classes page to find more information.

You can find more about us in the FAQ Page, learn how to join either class in the Classes page, and find more information about us on the Contact page.

We will be using AoPS a lot for online discussions. Please click here to go to our private forum. Go to the AoPS FAQ if you have questions or problems with AoPS.

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