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What else can AoPS be used for other than a message board?

Once you make an account on AoPS, make sure you discover the site in its fullest. Here are just some of the things AoPS provides: (for free!!)

  • Resources
    • MATHCOUNTS Trainer -- a great application to practice on actual MATHCOUNTS Problems
    • Alcumus -- Alcumus offers students a customized learning experience, adjusting to student performance to deliver appropriate problems and lessons. Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities.
    • Videos -- A large collection of videos helping students understand the concepts in Alcumus made by AoPS's founder, Richard Rusczyk.
    • For the Win (FTW) -- a flash application used to play the MATHCOUNTS Countdown Round against other people in real time.
    • AoPS Wiki -- a very large wiki explaining math theorems in a simple manner, as well as a very large collection of AMC problems
  • Community
    • The contests and community pages are the greatest resource for aspiring mathletes. It contains thousands of problems that were on actual contests, along with user made solutions, which are often faster than the official ones. This is the place to find old contests such as the AMC 8, AMC 10/12, and the AIME. The only competition not there is MATHCOUNTS, but you can contact us to gain access to old MATHCOUNTS Practice tests.

There are many more features, including the Online School and the Bookstore, which are great, but we will not be using them during either class.

How do I get to the forum if I am already added to it?

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Hover over the blue Community tab and click on My AoPS (
  3. Click on the grey My Forums button
  4. Click on "Brookings Math Circle!" as shown below

That still doesn't work, and I am added to the forum.

Contact us.

Why should we create an account 1-2 weeks before the first class?

Unfortunately, AoPS only allows users to post in forums or private message us after 1-2 weeks of signing up.

How do I contact you via AoPS?

Go to and hit New Private Message in the top right.

How do I know if I have a private message?

The Feed on the right hand side will turn white when a message has arrived as shown below. Click the envelope to see the reply.

If you are on AoPS and you receive a private message, no matter where on the site you are, a notification will pop out on the screen.

The AoPS Question was not answered here. Where else can I go?

You can go to AoPS's official FAQ, here, or email us.

Email Serena An at and Samyok Nepal at We will reply promptly.