Classes FAQ

There are no math prerequisites for either class. :)

Which class is right for me?

I am going to enter grades 2-5 this fall. Can I join?

At this point, we have no plans to offer any classes to students who are entering grades 2-5. If you would like to study on your own, Beast Academy ( is a good resource to learn competition math early.

I am going to enter grades 6-8 this fall.

Either class would be a good fit! If you like math or want to give it a try, then first try Session I. If you want to prepare for or try contest math, then Session II would be a good fit for you. And of course, you can take both sessions! The more exposure to problem solving and math, the more improvement and fun!

I have little to no contest experience.

We first recommend Session I to students with little to no contest experience. An advanced school math background does not translate to advanced contest math skills without practice. Then we recommend trying some competition math with Session II! Additionally, both classes are designed for all levels.

I am going to enter grades 9-12 this fall and I have much contest experience.

We recommend Session II for all grades 5 and up! We can definitely find contest material that will challenge you, no matter the grade or level.

I am going to enter grades 9-12 this fall and I have little to no contest experience.

If possible, it would be best for these students to take both sessions. Session I will delve into the beauty of mathematics, and Session II will prepare for math competitions.

What if the class I choose is too easy or hard?

If at any point you feel the class you are currently taking is too easy or hard, talk with us after class or contact us and we will solve the problem. Adjustments can be made.

I have questions or I'm still unsure.

If you are still unsure or have a problem or question, Contact us.

We would love for you to give feedback on the classes! Let us know about your thoughts.

Why must I register?

I thought I could drop in during the summer when I have time.

It is true that you can drop in any time during the summer, but we would still like everyone who will go to the Brookings Math Circle classes this summer to register. Through the registration form, we gain contact information and knowledge about class sizes. We will need contact information when sending confirmation emails and other information before classes begin, and weekly update emails in the summer. Class sizes are important because that way we will know about how many handouts, homework sheets, mock tests, etc. to print out.

Why can I not access the private forum on AoPS?

Due to its private nature, a link to the forum would not suffice. After you have made an account on AoPS, contact us or wait until the next class.

I am added into the forum, but I cannot get to it. How do I?

Please go to the AoPS FAQ.

If you have any more questions, email Serena An at and Samyok Nepal at We will reply promptly.

Brookings Math Club is free and always will be.